The Laamaseelu Masveriyaa programme (LSMV) is an innovative sustainable resort fisheries initiative carried out by the Blue Marine Foundation and Maldives Resilient Reefs. Piloted at Six Senses Laamu, a high-end exclusive resort in Laamu Atoll in the year 2020, the term ‘Laamaseelu Masveriyaa’ is a Dhivehi phrase which directly translates to ‘Exemplary fisher’.

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How it works:

The programme supports fisher livelihoods through embracing participatory co-management and viewing fishers not as the problem to overfishing, but instead central to the solution.

LSMV is open for all who want to fish sustainably. However, being an accredited fisher comes with significant responsibilities. These responsibilities include a commitment to: 1) release all fish which are nationally protected species such as sharks, napoleon wrasse, and parrotfish, as well as vulnerable species protected through the programme such as groupers and blue marlin; 2) only use sustainable gear types and release all juvenile fish 3) never fish from within marine protected areas or known reef fish spawning grounds;  and 4) record all the informational data surrounding your catch when selling seafood to the resort.

In return, the initiative provides fishers with a lucrative and guaranteed marketplace to sell their catch, in addition to ‘state of the art’ safety at sea equipment. Blue Marine is currently expanding the Laamaseelu Masveriyaa programme across Maldives to create a national tourism industry interested in transparent and traceable seafood sourcing for the benefit of the people, the economy, and the environment.

Laamaseelu Masveriyaa Local Fisherman
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