#FishForTomorrow was a successful campaign run by Blue Marine Foundation and Maldives Resilient Reefs in 2020 to raise awareness about reef fish species as an increasing number of Maldivians started targeting protected and vulnerable reef fish during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Fish For Tomorrow

An online guide to responsible reef fishing

Our interactive webpage has a lot of information on reef species names, characteristics, no take species and minimum species. Go have a look!

Success Story

In August 2020, the Maldives government added parrotfish to the list of protected species, following the widespread support for the FishForTomorrow campaign. This is the first time a reef fish was added to the Protected Species list since 1996. It is a huge win for our reefs and Maldives.

Parrot fish are especially important since they make way for new corals to grow by eating the algae that would otherwise take over. Additionally, parrot fish produce 85% of the sand on the outer reef flats each year. This helps Maldivian beaches to grow.
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